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Industry-Leading Cooling Foam for Premium Bedding Applications
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Cooling & Temperature Regulation

Never before has the foam world experienced temperature regulation like the XO-NANO COOL TRM™. Depending on your application, COOL TRM™ moves heat through the foam 30%-220% more efficiently than the top cooling foams. 

Long-Term Comfort

Certi-PUR Certified

Efficient and Powerful Cooling

The Coolest. Literally.

Foam has always been an insulator, until we invented our patent-pending XO-NANO COOL TRM™. 

This innovative foam regulates the temperature in your pillow or mattress by moving heat away from the body, providing comfort all night long. When compressed, this cooling effect increases dramatically.


Passes with flying colors.

COOL TRM™ is Certi-PUR US certified and passes all the necessary flammability requirements in the bedding industry.



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