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Our Technology Portfolio

 Our revolutionary Smartfoam products provide everything from precise pressure measurements in medical beds and force measurements impact sports industries to cooling comfort in bedding products. 



Take constant & accurate pressure measurements of a static load with our XO-NANO PRESSURE™ Smartfoam.

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Precisely measure all types of impacts with our patented, industry-leading XO-NANO IMPACT™ Smartfoam.

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Maintain thermal comfort in consumer products by wicking heat away from the user with XO-NANO TRM.

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XO-NANO Pressure

With our patented XO-NANO Pressure Smartfoam we can turn any comfort surface into a pressure map. This material can measure pressure with unprecedented accuracy. We have partnered with the best foam manufacturers in the country to provide this revolutionary technology in many different types of foam from plush bedding toppers to durable shoe foams. Chances are we have a foam that will work for your application.

Measuring impact

Do harder hits equal more wins? Our groundbreaking Smartfoam IMPACT™ helps take the guesswork out of impact sports by measuring the size and location of impacts in real-time. This real-time data assists athletic programs in more accurate diagnosis of injuries and help with developing more effective training, prevention and recovery programs.


For Those You Love

XO-NANO is changing the world of healthcare through our PRESSURE technology. Using our pressure foam, hospitals can now monitor their patients movements to ensure patients receive the best, individualized care.

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XO-NANO (exo-nano) is the world leader in smartfoam technology. With smartfoam technology, we can collect data in thousands of new products. We provide the only flexible foam sensor on the market today.

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Developmental Partnership with Rogers Corporation

Rogers Corporation is pleased to announce a development partnership with XOnano Smartfoam, the provider of self-sensing foam materials and wireless measurement technologies, to create ”smart” foams. The Smartfoams combine XOnano’s patented piezoresponsive technology...



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