XO-nano Smart Insoles™

Measuring how you walk to prevent injury and increase performance
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our patented XO-nano Smartfoam™

A lot can be determined by how you walk and the forces your foot feels as you move. Our Smartfoam powered insoles measure all of the forces your foot exerts on the ground, giving you the power of a professional lab inside your shoe.

A Force to be reconded with

XO-NANO Smart Insoles have been compared with the gold standard force plates and instrumented treadmills with 95% plus accuracy on 3-dimensional forces. This allows for lab-quality force data collection and analysis anywhere you decide to go.

meaning to the madness

Real-time data analytics of gait provide feedback during an activity to reduce injury and increase performance. After a workout, you will receive personalized training to ensure you perform at your peak. 



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