Cool TRM™ for Seating

Temperature Regulation is Key for Long-Term Comfort
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Long-term, durable, safe

Experience temperature regulation like never before with the XO-NANO COOL TRM™. Our Thermal Regulating Material (TRM) gently and actively wicks heat away from the body at a rate nearly 30% more efficient than other cooling foams.

FACT: Foam traps heat

Think of the seats that you sit in longer than 45 minutes. It might be at the movie theater, in an airplane, or maybe your office chair at work. These seats are made of a foam that has no temperature regulation properties.

 XO-NANO COOL TRM™ foam regulates the temperature by drawing away the heat and gently moving it from the body. This long-term temperature regulation increases overall comfort by upwards of 30%, and most importantly, helps keep your seat comfortable in the seat.

The Coolest under pressure. Literally.

Foam used to always be an insulator, compressed or not. That is until we invented our patent-pending XO-NANO COOL TRM™.

When COOL TRM is compressed in a bed, seat or other comfort application, temperature regulation and thermal conductivity dramatically increase. This provides comfort for the entirety of a cross-country flight, late-night movie, or nine full hours of sleep.




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