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Thermal Testing Our TRM™

Whether testing the foam’s ability to wick heat away or attract heat to an object, our foam doesn’t melt under pressure. Our COOL TRM™ meets or exceeds all the requirements for the following tests: ASTM D 3574 A-I, M, and ASTM C518, and continues to beat all other strategies of temperature regulation in foam.

Legion of BOOM

Impact testing keeps everyone on the edge of their seat. Our IMPACT™ foam testing shows our foam consistently senses impacts and collects the data from the smallest step to the biggest hit are measured and recorded.

Under Pressure. 

Our current PRESSURE™ is in BETA as we are working with several use cases and testing solutions. Consistent pressure sensing requires a sensitivity and measurability that our PRESSURE™ foam is providing.


Leveraging the consistently comfortable Rogers PORON™ foam in our XOsole and injecting it with our special blend of impact sensing material, we are able to  test and measure Ground Reaction Forces.

The data gathered through our XOsole can predict potential injury, as well as assist in returning from injury more efficiently. Test results are also able to detect potential inebriation, concussion symptoms, fatigue, and even early-onset Alzheimer’s.



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